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Managing Blood Pressure in Seniorhood


The risk of getting hypertension gets higher as people age. And that is why detection and prevention are essential, for these will determine the steps to take. And your professional caregivers in Pennsylvania can help you manage when symptoms are not present.

Why do you have to manage your blood pressure?

Managing blood pressure prevents complications and protects your organs, especially the heart and kidneys. You can also reduce or avoid unnecessary expenses, live healthier, and focus on more important things while comfortably receiving non-medical home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

As a non-medical home care agency in Pennsylvania, we suggest you do the following to manage your blood pressure:

  • Have a heart-healthy diet

  • Cut down on salt

  • Aim for a healthy weight

  • Don’t smoke

  • Manage stress

At RDS Home Care, we believe every individual is entitled to a comfortable and convenient senior life. And that is why we deploy certified nursing assistants to assist seniors towards the most challenging phase in their lives.

Do you have inquiries about home nursing services? Call us now at 215-403-7127. We will be glad to educate you about their importance and why you should get our services.

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