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Assistance with Transfers and Mobility


Our senior loved ones hate being useless. They love to get things done by themselves, no matter what it takes. Independence preserves their pride and dignity. But old age, disability, or diseases that limit their movement limit their abilities, too.

And when these health conditions stop them from doing their tasks, family members can help them do the chores. But when aid from family is unavailable, another way to help seniors and keep them comfortable and safe at home is to hire nursing assistants or professional caregivers in Pennsylvania.

Elderly patients with mobility problems can receive wheelchair assistance as well as bed transfers from our responsible trained caregivers. As providers of non-medical home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we can also assist them with mobility aids, so seniors can move with less assistance and maintain their independence.

Many seniors can benefit from transfer assistance. So do not underestimate this kind of service.

If you are looking for a non-medical home care agency in Pennsylvania to provide relief to your elderly loved ones, we got you covered. RDS Home Care is the best choice when it comes to home care services.

You can also count on us when you need access to respite services. So call us now at 215-403-7127 to know more about our offers.


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