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Oral Health Problems You Should Know About


Entering seniorhood is supposed to be exciting and comfortable. This is the time when most people retire from work and finally enjoy life to its fullest. But as time passes, changes occur and many of them are inevitable. These changes may bring about issues concerning health and wellness, needing professional caregivers in Pennsylvania for assistance.

One of these problems is oral health care. It is one of the reasons why people should hire a caregiver. Seniors with disabilities, mobility issues, cognitive issues, and other conditions are at risk of neglecting oral and dental health, causing the following problems:

  • Dental cavities or tooth decay

    These areas of the tooth have holes in them and are permanently damaged.

  • Gingivitis

    This is the inflammation of the gums caused by the building up of plaques due to poor brushing habits.

  • Periodontitis.

    As this problem progresses, the infection can spread to the jaw and bones, which may cause inflammation throughout the entire body.

  • Oral cancers

    These are cancers of the gum, tongue, lips, cheek, hard and soft palate, or the floor of the mouth, often caused by smoking and chewing tobacco.

Because of these diseases, the elderly may not chew and swallow food properly – causing indigestion and malnutrition – another concern in home support services.

The time will come when they will need non-medical home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for assistance in hygiene (toileting, bathing, toothbrushing), meal planning and preparation, mobility, and other needs. And they need a reliable provider to maintain their well-being at home.

Our non-medical home care agency in Pennsylvania lives by the “client comes first” approach. With RDS Home Care, you are our top priority. Call us now and enjoy the benefits of our services.

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